Grid of images Fruit of Casearia barteri Fruit of Caloncoba welwitschii Midrib, lower surface of leaf, Christiana africana Fruit Desplatsia dewevrei Flower buds of Diospyros bipindensis Ants on Barteria fistulosa Flowers of Millettia griffoniana Immature fruit of Rhabdophyllum arnoldianum
Fruit of Cola urceolata  Buttress of Newtonia devredii Flower of Calancoba crepiniana Riparian forest on the Likouala aux Herbres River Seed of Albizia ferruginea Fruit of Heisteria parvifolia Leaflet bases and petiolules of Markhamia tomentosa Seeds of Xylopia aethiopica.


About this site

This website is a companion to the book: An introduction to the trees from the north of the Republic Congo and the French edition: Une introduction aux arbres du nord de la république du Congo by Harris, D.J., Moutsamboté J.-M., Kami, E., Florence, J., Bridgewater, S. & Wortley, A.H.,  published by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2011).

This website and its accompaning book provide an easy introduction to the trees  of ­­northern Congo. Each of the 93 species is fully illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs. Text on identification, ecology and distribution is provided for each species. All these species occur beyond the borders of the Republic of Congo, especially in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon.

The target audience for this website is anybody interested in the trees of the area. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and introduced gently. There is a glossary of all the technical terms used. A bibliography is provided for further reading.

The line drawings are by Rosemary Wise. The photographs are by David Harris. The website and the book were funded by the Darwin Initiative Project EIDP 0032 “Strengthening capacity for botanical inventory in the Republic of Congo”.

How to order the book

The book consists of two editions, English and French. Copies of the English edition can be ordered from RBGE online shop and copies of the French edition can be ordered from RBGE online shop (french edition).