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Brenania brieyi (De Wild.) E.M.A. Petit

General Information

This medium sized tree is usually quite rare in the area. It is most often encountered by walking in the forest and finding the round fruit lying on the ground. The fruit look a little like the fruit of some species of Strychnos. If you find them be careful not to stand under the tree as more fruit may fall on your head. The trunk is lightly fluted with light coloured bark. The slash has yellow fibres. The dark green fruit appears not to change colour on ripening. The large leaves look similar to those of some species of Anthocleista. The stipules, which in most Rubiaceae help to identify the family, are small and fall early in this species. The terminal buds appear to release a gummy liquid.


Terra firma forest, including disturbed forest.


Distribution: Nigeria to Gabon and DRC.