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Cola urceolata K. Schum.

General Information

The genus Cola is widely exploited across the forest zone of west and central Africa. In many areas one or two species are planted to produce the Cola ‘nuts’ – more correctly referred to as seeds – that are widely traded as a mild stimulant. In some areas large quantities are also collected from the forest. These cola nuts are also used in the world famous soft drink of the same name. It is much less widely known that there are many other species of Cola in African forests. Some species are trees to 30 m tall, but most are smaller trees or shrubs. This species only reaches about 3 m high. The flowers are about 5 mm long and have no petals. The fruit consist of more than one carpel, each about 8 cm long.


Most types of forest, including seasonally flooded and disturbed sites.


Distribution: Cameroon to DRC.