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Deinbollia molliuscula Radlk.

General Information

This species is one of several members of the Sapindaceae that resemble small palm trees. They consist of a single unbranched trunk with large, pinnately compound leaves at the top. Radlkofera calodendron and several species of Chytranthus have this habit and occur in the area. The inflorescences in Chytranthus and Radlkofera *are produced on the trunk below the leaves – that is, they are cauliferous – whereas in the genus *Deinbollia the inflorescences are at the top of the tree. In this species the leaves can be longer than 1 m with almost 20 leaflets. The inflorescence can be up to 80 cm long with small individual flowers. The hairy leaflets can lead to confusion with Chytranthus setosus but that species has more secondary veins. It can also be mistaken for Trichilia tessmannii, which has an impressed midrib and secondary veins on the upper surface of the leaflets.


Mixed species terra firma forest, including disturbed sites.


Distribution: CAR to DRC and Angola.