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Newtonia devredii G.C.C. Gilbert & Boutique

General Information

This species has a remarkable distribution. It is known from only a handful of specimens ever collected, in northern Zambia and DRC. Even for tall trees in flooded forest this is a very low number of specimens and indicates that the species is probably very rare. This is the first record for the Republic of Congo. The tree is about 20 m high and when it flowers it is covered in inflorescences. The buttresses are up to 1.5 m high. The bark is smooth and dark brown and the slash a uniform pale orange colour; after about five minutes drops of golden exudate appear. The leaves are bipinnate and there are stalked glands on the rachis between the opposite pinnae. The fruit of this species are not yet known.


All collections are from flooded forest.


Distribution: Republic of Congo to Zambia.