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Psilanthus mannii Hook. f.

General Information

This slender tree reaches a height of 3–4 m. The Rubiaceae family can usually be identified by opposite leaves and interpetiolar stipules. Although this species is a member of that family, the stipules are rather small and when they fall off they do not leave a clear scar. The leaves are opposite and the ovary inferior, as are almost all members of the family. The other characters that help one identify this species are the domatia in the axil of the secondary veins. The leaves are rather fleshy when fresh but when dried as herbarium specimens they become thin and papery. The ripe fruit are black with persistent green calyx lobes.


Understory of undisturbed forest on terra firma. Bongo eat the leaves of this species and will knock the whole tree over to browse on the leaves.


Distribution: Ghana to DRC and Angola.