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Rinorea oblongifolia (C.H. Wright) Marquand ex Chip

General Information

The genus Rinorea is an important constituent of most lowland rainforests in the tropics, providing many species of shrubs or small trees. The total number of species in this genus may be close to 200. It is in the same family as Violets (Viola) although they look very different. Several species occur in northern Congo and they can be hard to distinguish. This species is one of the easiest to identify in the area due to the large leaves, up to 35 cm long, the larger sized tree (diameter up to 20 cm) and the obvious darker fibres in a light coloured slash. Be careful because the bright yellow flower colour is shared with another species, Rinorea subsessilis.


This species appears to have a wide ecological tolerance, growing in undisturbed terra firma forest through to seasonally flooded riverbanks in full sunlight.


Distribution: Guinea to Sudan and Uganda.