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Drypetes polyantha Pax & K. Hoffm.

General Information

The genus Drypetes has more tree species than any other in this area. The trees are mostly small to medium sized and can be difficult to separate. This species is easy to identify because of the distinctive size and shape of the leaves. The base is unequal and the teeth are clear and well separated along the margin. The leaves dry a distinctive greyish colour. The slash of this species is pale yellow at first but starts oxidising straight away to a darker orange and the following day becomes a dull greyish pink. The slash does not have a smell of green papaya seeds unlike several other species of Drypetes. Individual trees of this species are either male or female. The flowers are in groups called fascicles, mostly on the branches just below the leaves, but also on the main trunk. Some individuals flower so profusely that the branches are hidden by the flowers.


Mixed species and Gilbertiodendron dewevrei terra firma forest.


Distribution: Cameroon to DRC.