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Guttiferae (alt. clusiaceae)

Garcinia smeathmannii (Planch. & Triana) Oliv.

General Information

There are at least five species of Garcinia in the area; they vary in leaf size, shape and venation. This tree reaches a trunk diameter of about 30 cm. The leaves are usually longer than 10 cm and dark green on the upper surface with a contrasting lower surface which is a lighter yellowish colour. In this species the slash is red with yellow latex. The other species of Garcinia also have the yellow latex and opposite leaves. The secondary veins in this species, however, go almost all the way to the leaf margin. Like other members of this family the junction of the petiole with the stem forms an unusual V shape – sometimes referred to as ‘fish lips’.


Undisturbed mixed species terra firma forest, Gilbertiodendron dewevrei forest and occasionally in seasonally flooded forest.


Distribution: Guinea to Tanzania and Zambia.