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Millettia griffoniana Baill.

General Information

This beautiful tree has potential to be an attractive ornamental. The dark green glossy foliage and abundant purple flowers in hanging inflorescences would enhance most tropical gardens. There is a question, however, whether this species would grow in an ordinary garden because it grows naturally in areas with a very high water table. The leaves can be identified by the rather distinct shape of the leaflets, the persistent stipules at the base of the compound leaf, the stipels at the base of the leaflets and the pits looking a bit like domatia at the base of the leaflets on their lower surface. The tree is often only 6 m tall but it can reach a diameter of 25 cm. It often falls over and continues to grow from the horizontal or diagonal trunk.


Well-lit situations in seasonally flooded forest or on riverbanks.


Distribution: Ivory Coast to DRC and Angola.