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Grossera macrantha Pax

General Information

The frequency of occurrence of this species is unusual. In some sites in the area it is extremely common but at other sites, sometimes as close as a few hundred metres away, it is absent. It is not yet clear what the reason for this clumped distribution is. The other unusual thing about this species is that the slash varies in colour from pink to yellow; in most tree species in the area the colour of the slash is much more consistent. The terminal buds are divided and hairy. This character separates this species from Rinorea species, which are also common small trees: the buds of Rinorea are covered in protective stipules looking like a pointed hat or cone. This species also has pellucid gland dots which can be seen by holding fresh leaves up to the light and examining with a hand lens. The tree rarely gets larger than 20 cm in diameter.


Terra firma and seasonally flooded forest.


Distribution: Cameroon to Gabon and DRC.