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Celtis zenkeri Engl.

General Information

The genus Celtis forms an important component of the commonest terra firma forest type in the area. At least five species are present of which Celtis mildbraedii and Celtis adolfi-friderici are the most common. The genus can usually be recognised by the combination of two main lateral nerves branching from the midrib at the base of the leaf and the short petiole. The leaves and fruit are rather small and not very helpful for identification. Fortunately each species can be identified quite easily from a combination of bark, slash, venation and leaf shape characters. This species has scaly bark. The slash has a green underbark and then layers of yellow and reddish lines which oxidise rapidly to brown. There are short hairs on the stem and the underside of leaves.


Rather rare in terra firma mixed species forest but commoner in disturbed areas.


Distribution: Guinea to Tanzania.