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Hymenocardia ripicola J.LĂ©onard

General Information

In this area the genus Hymenocardia, very neatly, has one species in each of the three main natural environments: H. acida is very common in savanna on terra firma, H. ulmoides occurs in forest on terra firma and H. ripicola is found in wet places. The leaves of H. ripicola are very distinct due to the dots on the lower surface of the leaf which are usually reddish. In addition the leaves are often minutely cordate at the base. The fruit of H. ripicola are winged but with stout broad wings which make a heavy fruit. These cannot be dispersed by wind like the thinly winged fruits of H. ulmoides. The flowers, male or female on separate individuals, are very small and have no petals.


Wet places, often in open areas.


Distribution: Cameroon to DRC, not reported from CAR or Gabon.