Maprounea membranacea Pax & K. Hoffm.

General Information

The leaves of this species are dark green above and a lighter grey-green below. They are regularly arranged on the branches and give an appearance of being all the same size. The leaf base is minutely cordate in a similar manner to Hymenocardia ripicola but you have to look carefully to observe this. The petiole looks very slightly jointed on young leaves and is sometimes clearly bent; however, there is not a clear line across the petiole as in some Baphia species or Lepidobotrys staudtii. The fruits of Maprounea membranacea are the most eye-catching feature of the tree; they are bright red and can cover the tree. It can produce fruit on quite young trees and even mature trees can be quite low in stature.


Grows in wet places, especially at the edge of forest. Elephants eat the leaves and fruit of this tree and will knock it down to eat it.


Distribution: Nigeria to DRC.