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Tabernaemontana crassa Benth.

General Information

This species rarely reaches more than 10 m in height. Large individuals have a trunk diameter up to 20 cm. The large, dark green opposite leaves are yellowish green on the underside. The tree produces much white sticky latex when cut. The fruit consist of a pair of rounded carpels (follicles) about 7 cm in diameter which are often visible on the tree. The flowers are white and tubular; they open at night and can be found on the ground in the morning. The corolla tube is 6 to 8 cm long. When the flowers are open they produce an attractive scent. The leaves dry yellowish and have a hairless midrib below.


This understory species is evergreen and often occurs in disturbed areas such as old fields. It flowers from January to June and the fruits are visible for most of the year.


Distribution: Sierra Leone to DRC, Gabon and Angola.