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Trichilia retusa Oliv.

General Information

The notched leaflets with the dark green upper surface of this species make it easy to identify. The flowers clearly show one of the distinctive characters of Meliaceae: the tube formed by the base of the stamens being fused together. This character exists in all species of the family in the area but sometimes the tube is very short and hard to see. In this species it is about 5 mm long. All species of Trichilia in Africa have male and female flowers on separate individuals. In this species the female flowers have stamens but the anthers do not realise mature pollen. Sometimes the male flowers are attacked by insects and form small ‘galled fruits’ but these do not contain seeds.


Flooded forest and riverbanks.


Distribution: This species is restricted to the river basins of the Niger, the Sanaga, the Nile and the Congo; it therefore occurs from Nigeria to Sudan and DRC but is absent from Gabon.