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Lecaniodiscus cupanioides Planch.

General Information

The family Sapindaceae is one of the poorly known large tropical plant families. The modern concept of the family includes the temperate members such as the genus Acer (maple and sycamore) but in the tropics it is much more diverse. The total number of genera in the family is about 150. The flowers of Sapindaceae have an unusual disc in the flower which surrounds the stamens. The presence of the disc is reflected in the name of several genera. ‘Lecaniodiscus’ means saucer-shaped disc. This species is rather typical as a medium sized tree with alternate compound leaves. The leaflets have a petiolule which is swollen in the bottom half although this character is not always clearly visible on dried specimens.


Terra firma and seasonally flooded forest, including disturbed areas and riverbanks.


Distribution: Senegal to Sudan, Uganda and Angola.